Stone Fox Ventures is a private equity investment firm that acquires, structures, manages and grows middle-market manufacturing, distribution, and services companies with industrial and business customers. Focusing on underperforming and troubled companies as the best opportunity for significant shareholder return; new financial operations and corporate infrastructures are implemented to achieve substantial and sustainable positive changes in asset holdings. Fundamentally, our investment philosophy holds that the greatest returns can be generated in companies where new management, capital, strategy, and structures can improve performances and cash flows.

Stone Fox Ventures acts as a parent company and currently owns four subsidiary companies that specialize in the end mill and abrasives industry. Conical Cutting Tools, Global Cutting Tools, Elite Abrasives, and Even Cut Abrasives.

Global Cutting Tools manufactures a wide range high performance and custom end mills. Our new performance tool lines will give you the edge you need to reduce downtime, increase speeds and feeds, combine operations, and will ultimately increase profits. These qualities, taken into account, create the most productive and indispensable tools available. Our distributor network reaches across the country and across borders, so you’ll be able to have a local expert help you get the most out of your tooling choice.

Conical Tool Company manufactures a wide range of standard, specialty, performance, and custom end mills for customers across the metalworking industry. With thousands of stock items in a wide range of High-Speed Steel and premium micro-grain carbide, most orders can be shipped the same day, with few exceptions. Our distributor network reaches across the country and across borders, so you’ll be able to have a local expert help you get the most out of your tooling choice.

Elite Abrasives has a history of providing top quality products at a price our customers love. The demand from customers for improved surface finishes drove us to delve deeply into the field of abrasives. We have become very knowledgeable in the field of abrasives and manufacture Flap Discs, Clean & Strip-It Discs, Surface Conditioning Discs, Quick Change Discs, Sanding Belts, and Resin Fiber Discs. Our products are used to grind, cut, blend, and polish metal and a variety of other materials. Each of our product performance is outstanding and is priced extremely competitively.

Even Cut Abrasives is based in Cleveland, Ohio and has overseen providing private labels for their customers since 1932. We cut, trim, fold, glue, stamp, and slit coated abrasives into almost anything one might imagine. Key products include abrasive cones, cartridge rolls, square pads, cross pads, flap wheels, and flap discs. We have made it easy for our private label customers to order, receive, and resell a product that meets their requirements and exceed their expectations. We do this with as much American made content as possible. We are the only company in the U.S. building and selling shank mounted flap wheels made in the U.S.A. A lot of companies may sell the product, but we are the only ones that manufacture it here. Finally, our flap disc products – we use the very best raw materials and build them for the Even Cut brand as well as many other companies.


It has always been our mission to provide superior performing products which solve complex machining challenges for the metalworking industry. We are a company, dedicated to our customers and the industry as a whole and combine ongoing, continuous improvement processes. Our lead-by-example culture has allowed us to provide exceptional customer service, build long-lasting customer relationships and manufacture the highest abrasives and cutting tools in the industry.


Even Cut believes that excuses will only satisfy the person using them. That’s why you won’t be getting any from us. We recognize that our loyal customer base is why we are in business. While every company strives for perfection, it’s much more important how we treat you if something goes wrong. Our team is trained to provide exceptional service, ensuring accuracy and timeliness while providing a high level of professionalism. We know that a single day of downtime can cost a company thousands of dollars when they are waiting on a replacement. That’s why we stock and offer same day shipping of our in-stock items.


We don’t sacrifice performance just to lower our costs. Our promise is that we won’t ever compromise quality and performance for profit. We use proven performing materials, manufactured by German-built CNC controlled machines, to achieve the highest quality. You’ll notice our performance, and save money while doing so. Our rapid growth and success in the global marketplace are based on a very simple formula; provide premium performance products at a fair price with extraordinary technical support. We will continue to pursue this strategy. If you need any assistance with your application, please contact us.


In addition to our Even Cut Abrasives, check out our sister companies, Elite Abrasives, and Conical Cutting Tools, and Global Cutting Tools. Elite Abrasives is a top-tier abrasives manufacturer that has a huge selection of product configurations, and Conical & Global Cutting Tools are high-performance end mill and specialty cutting tool manufacturers.

All of our companies have a long history of providing first-rate quality products and customer service. Many of our customers have been customers for decades because they know the value we provide. We want you to be as successful as possible and our ultimate goal is to provide you with value and solutions to your machining challenges. Selling to you is not our end goal, we want to be your long-term partner. We believe manufacturing in America is a cornerstone of our country’s strength. We invest in America, the money we earn stays in America.


Nearly 7,000 distributors worldwide and hundreds of thousands of end users can’t be wrong.

The manufacturing and materials industry is changing at an unprecedented pace and simply saying we supply products to the metalworking industry would leave out a large portion of our customer base. Our products have been used in every application imaginable, from jewelry to precision manufacturing of custom nuclear reactor parts. A few of the industries we serve are:

Hard Milling


Tool & Die



Dept. of Defense

Casting & Foundries

General Machining