Please refer to our price schedule for the most up to date availability information as it changes from time to time. We are constantly monitoring our product inventory to best meet the needs of our customers and balance those needs with sound business practices. We have 3 managed categories of inventory. 


Stock items are the items you use the most. We regularly maintain inventory levels to support our customers’ need for timely delivery of these products. These items may be canceled at any time prior to shipment and can be returned to Even Cut within 30 days of shipment. After 30 days and up to 90 days, these items may be returned subject to a 25% restocking charge. Items older than 90 days may not be returned. Adjustments for freight on returned merchandise may be made when applicable.


Our standard items are those items sold less frequently than our stocked items but are the best choice for many customer applications. They remain a part of our catalog product offering. These items may be in stock. We have a 10% over/under shipping policy for these items. Cancelled orders for these items are subject to cancellation charges if canceled prior to shipment and can be returned to Even Cut only within 30 days of shipment with a 25% restocking charge. After 30 days, these items are not returnable. Adjustments for freight on returned merchandise may be made when applicable.


Since 1932, we have been recognized as the premier specialty converter in the U.S., creating the most unique products for just about every application. We can craft the exact product for your application with our skilled and experienced workforce. These items set Even Cut Abrasive Company apart from the rest of the industry. Working together, we will design and build the specific product for your application. We have a 10% over/under shipping policy for these products. Once you concur with our design and issue Even Cut a purchase order, these items are not cancelable or returnable.


Contact your local Even Cut distributor for convenient ordering of our products. Using our catalog or price schedule to locate the correct part number will simplify order entry and eliminate order entry errors. Although not required, confirming orders in written form, via mail, email or fax can eliminate any errors and clarify this communication.


Often customers have a large volume, long-term needs for products that are shipped in periodic smaller released quantities. Blanket orders provide the ability to purchase, at large volume price levels while keeping inventories to a minimum. We accomplish this by entering into a contractual relationship. The customer agrees to a delivery schedule and to ultimately take the full quantity by the end of the contract period. We manufacture these products in economic order quantities, passing on the larger volume savings to the customer, but ­holding the balance of inventory to meet the delivery schedule. For freight to be prepaid by Even Cut, blanket order release quantities must be a minimum of $500.00 per release. Call our customer service team to hear more about how this program can work for your company.


Prices listed in our price schedule are subject to change without notice. Any clerical errors, should they occur, are subject to ­correction. In general Even Cut will provide 30 days notice of any price changes. 


Each order must have a net value of $75.00 per invoice, and items are sold only in package quantity. Terms of Payment: Our terms require net payment within 30 days. Should you want to take advantage of an additional discount, Even Cut will grant a 1% discount on payments received within 10 days of invoice. All unpaid invoices over 60 days will be considered delinquent, and any in-house orders will be placed on hold. After 90 days of non-payment, the account may be placed for collections and will be subject to a 2% per month (24% per year) late fee plus any attorney fees and costs.


All shipments are FOB Cleveland, Ohio. Even Cut will prepay and absorb freight costs for orders over $500.00 net. For all orders between $75.00 and $500.00, Even Cut will prepay shipping and then add our shipping and handling costs to the invoice. Export shipments will be shipped freight collect. A separate charge may be made for customers’ special routing instructions. 


Call inside sales to request a “Returned Goods Authorization” (RGA). Authorization to return will be provided based on the product classification, the age of the return item as noted above, and subject to condition and/or obsolescence of the goods. All claims of errors or shortage are to be made within 10 days of our shipment. For Even Cut to process your return properly we need to have our (RGA) number marked clearly on all boxes and documents included with the return.


Even Cut Abrasive Company warrants all of the products we sell shall be free from defects and further warrants that our products, when used for the purposes intended and within the operating ranges specified, will perform such operations for which they are designed. Our only obligation under this warranty is to repair, replace, or credit any portion of the product proven to be defective after a thorough review by the Even Cut Quality Control Department. This warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties expressed or implied. Even Cut will not be liable for compensatory or consequential damages beyond this limited warranty.


Even Cut Abrasive’s liability for any loss or damage arising out of or resulting from the use of the product shall not exceed the purchase price thereof, regardless of whether such liability arises in contract, tort (including without limitation negligence or strict liability), or otherwise, and in no event shall Even Cut Abrasive be liable for indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any kind. No representative of Even Cut Abrasive, nor any of Even Cut Abrasive distributors or dealers, is authorized to modify this warranty or issue any warranty regarding the product manufactured by Even Cut Abrasive or contained in this catalog.


You should not operate any of our products at speeds beyond our recommendations. Our abrasive products are dangerous if proper safety procedures are not followed or if used improperly. Please comply with all ANSI and OSHA safety regulations covering the eye, face and body protection, safety guards, flanges, mounting and operating procedures.